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1 oak tree with the age between 40 to 70 years old weighs around 600kg to 1000kg of biomass and is retains 900kg to 1600 kg of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

By sponsoring this tree you will become it’s patron for the next 5 years. That will not only ensure it is saved from being cut down. It also includes a 5-year-care-package where we involve and educate the local communities to create a truly lasting alternative to current deforestation.


The tree is part of a forest near Runcu in Romania, 45°06’N 23°10’E, that had been planned to be cut down but can been saved with your help.

What you get

We will send you your personalized tree certificate with the Secure Forest Registration number of your tree. We’ll also send you updates on our deforestation projects, so you can keep track of the impact your trees are having on the local communities and our environment.