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Let's stop deforestation and global warming now before we miss this opportunity forever.
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Our Vision and Values

Our vision is to prevent forest degradation & deforestation around the globe and maintain forests healthy for our current generation and the ones to come.


We look forward to a world where forests are properly valued – not just for the wood they supply, but for the many other benefits they provide for people and nature.

Why we fight for preservation

There are at least 100 solutions out there on how to combat climate change.We chose to look for the one that has immediate impact.


We believe that planting is good, but preserving the existing nature is 50x more impactful. Thus, as entrepreneurs we have the opportunity to look for forests with immediate threat of deforestation and directly acquire them.

How we aim to achieve our vision for forests

Intervention. We identify and intervene in European areas where there is a growing threat of further degradation or deforestation and bringing more forests under improved management;


European Focus. Our geographical focus is Europe, starting with Romania- the home of the last intact virgin forest in the temperate latitudes of Europe;


Main Cause. We identify the root causes of environmental degradation and work toward developing solutions;


Community Engagement. We work with local communities to give them ownership, leverage local knowledge, and enhance environmental stewardship capacity;


Livelihood Improvement. With the goal to grow local economies, we look to provide natives alternative sources of income (indirect employment or direct employment in restoration activities, or ecotourism), and foster entrepreneurship.


Collaboration. We believe in bringing together corporates, startups, not-for-profit organizations, intergovernmental institutions, scientific communities, entrepreneurs, artists, and think-tanks with the goal to amplify value.

Context-driven. We don’t apply a ‘one model fits all’. Our approach is based on each case, needs, and partners involved.

Our Focus: Europe

When the majority focuses on planting trees and saving nature in Asia, Africa, and America, we chose to focus on Europe.

In Europe, forests cover 43% of the EU’s land area, making Europe one of the most forest-rich regions in the world.

The start of our activity is in Romania, territory which in the past was 70% forest. Now only 27%.

Legal & Profit

We legally bind ourselves to preserve and assure the security of each forest.
We believe in being both environmentally and economically sustainable.
This is why, 90% of the profits go back into saving more forests, 10% goes into operations and marketing.

Let’s do this together

As we can commit to the first step of saving the forest, we do want to engage everyone  the second step which is the preservation. This is why we want to open up patronage over the trees and give everyone who loves breathing fresh air the chance to make a change.

SDGs met when working together

Restoring forests is one of the best tools to lift entire communities out of poverty.

Supporting schools and other lifelong learning programs to provide knowledge and actionable steps towards living and working in environments that lead to nature preservation.

We support women and girls in villages with education, training, and job opportunities.

Forests play a key role in soil filtration, in cloud formation and precipitation, slowing surface ‘run-offs’.

Nearly 1 billion people directly rely on forests for their living. In remote rural areas, working in forestry projects is often the only source of income.

Trees are the best to reduce carbon emissions. 50% of a tree’s biomass is carbon and forests regulate the water cycle and create clouds.

Forests are home to 80% of terrestrial biodiversity, including the largest share of threatened species.

It takes more than a forester to restore a forest. Together with entrepreneurs, scientists, governments, artists, cooperatives, universities and NGOs, we can make it happen.